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Shining Radiantly with Joy


Susan Helene Kramer

One night I awoke into a dream where I was entering a crowd of monks dressed in peach robes and disciples in white. Looking down, my body was clothed in both white and peach and I radiated emotional warmth and bliss like a furnace heating a room.


Of course, being in a dream I was in my spiritual body radiating joy, much like I feel in my physical body while immersed in deep meditation. I flowed amongst the souls as a gentle wind, without consciousness of physical encumbrance.


Asked what I was doing, I replied that I was radiating joy.


In daytime, reflecting on this experience of radiating a joyful warmth gave me comfort that beyond all our many experiences in this physical and mental world, the joy and bliss we all seek is our nature in the spiritual realms. That we become conscious of our joyful radiance as spirit when we are no longer encumbered with earthly bodies and thoughts.


Meditation is our gateway


We can experience ourselves as this radiant joyfulness in deep meditation, in the space where we no longer feel our physical body and yet remain fully awake to our surroundings. We then experience the brilliant light within that heats us with bliss and joy. This state nurtures us in a way more permanent than the most delicious meal.


We are fed the mana of heavenly joy right here on earth in our deepest meditation.


Nourished we can come back to ordinary living with a heightened realization of our real fullness as expanded beings of bliss and light, even while inhabiting the earth wearing our cloaks of physical and mental bodies.

We receive the enlightenment and energy of spirit to share in vibrant interactions in this world right now.

Shining Radiantly with Joy and photo of family generations listening to each other copyright 2015 Susan Helene Kramer


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