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Being Kind Is a Choice

By Susan Kramer


Mostly we respond to others automatically, without thinking of the consequences. But we can choose to respond consciously in the highest way, the kind way, regardless of past habits and conditioning.


When we choose to respond with kindness we preserve our inner equilibrium, peace of mind, and physically feel more relaxed.


Being kind puts us in a positive state of mind, in charge of our words, rather than a victim of what we say and the negative consequences that snowball on.


In this world it is like for like. Positive words and actions beget positive results. Being kind reinforces a positive state of mind, contributing to healthy outcomes all around.


Relating smoothly in relationships is more easily maintained by responding with kindness, consideration. Kindness is catching; others are more likely to respond in kind.


If unkind words threaten to creep out we can chop them off by closing our mouth, or putting down our pen. We do not have to respond negatively. It is a choice. It is a bad habit we can break by repeatedly replacing negative with positive words and works.


When we feel happy we are more likely to respond to others in a positive way. Taking a walk, getting a breath of fresh air, clears our mind and helps us feel fine.


Being kind

A positive state of mind.


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Being Kind is a Choice copyright 2021 Susan Kramer; digital artwork by Susan Kramer


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