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Life Continues As We Wish

Experience by Susan Kramer


Occasionally I have lucid dreams, and this is from last night: I was getting ready to lead a group of people in a sitting meditation for world peace.


Before beginning I told the group that I have decided to continue meditating for human spiritual evolution after I am no longer using this physical body.


In my spiritual body I plan to sit with the ascended masters in the Himalaya Mountains on our planet earth who are meditating for humansí spiritual evolution. And I have chosen this next step as opposed to exploring higher planes of spiritual experience.


Iím a practical person, which is probably why I write on practical spirituality and in my dream my next thought was, I wonder what Iíll wear? I thought that it will have to be loose-fitting to sit in cross-legged meditation for hours on end. Of course I realized it would not exactly be heavy cotton material since I was on an astral plane, but maybe a very light-weight silk fabric in white with a thin blue-violet ribbon border. I truly realized I wonít really have a silk sari, but that is what my dream created for me.


This lucid dream totally matches up as a practical next step in my continuing life journey. Even now, living as wife, mother, and grandmother on earth, using this physical body to get things done, I have for 20 years been leading a world-wide spiritual cyber meditation for peace at 8pm each evening. (Thatís 8pm your own time because we all live in different time zones.) Hereís the information page: http://www.susankramer.com/cybermeditation.html


I think it might be a comfort to my family and inspiration to others to know that we really arenít too far separated from those having given up using physical bodies.


By slipping into meditation here on earth we can be in communion with those in unseen spiritual realms. We can have conversations with our loved ones just by asking and receiving their answers in our mind. Practice going ever more deeply in meditation to check out expanded experiences for yourself.


Practice makes perfect, and practice in meditation gives a more perfect awareness of our spiritual Self.


Life continues

Realm to realm.

And we expand in love

By caring ever more sincerely

Along the way.



Life Continues As We Wish
copyright © 2020 Susan Helene Kramer



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