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A Spiritual Cure for Loneliness

Susan Helene Kramer

true story


In my mid-teens, after dancing in an opera ballet at the Lyric Theater on Saturday evening, I sometimes spent the night at my grandma’s house in Baltimore. This saved me a trip late at night back out to the country to my family home. Usually, we’d have rehearsal on Sunday afternoon in Baltimore, so it was doubly convenient to hang out with my grandma on the weekend.

The only problem was, I would feel very lonely when I went to bed upstairs in her spacious old house; it was too quiet without my younger brother and sister, and a slew of dogs around.


Thank goodness, after telling my grandma about my loneliness, she had an answer:


She handed me a rosary and said to put it under my pillow during the day, and then hold on to it when going to bed. This was the perfect solution. When I said my prayers to the Blessed Mother or Heavenly Father I felt a personal relationship with them, and it staved off loneliness.


I already had been saying a rosary before going to sleep when at home, so continuing this habit at my grandmother’s house was logical.


Reflecting back on those weekends, I can see how that spiritual practice has kept me from feeling loneliness when alone, all through my life.


Try it for yourself


If you are feeling lonely when going to bed, keep a rosary or mala under your pillow or at bedside, to take up in prayer. Enjoy the feelings of fullness and companionship that prayer with the Divine gives.


These days, I start out with my bedtime-themed prayers, then general prayers for the good of our world family. Sometimes I find myself spontaneously creating prayers and verse that uplift my spirit and mood.


There is no loneliness for me in communion with Radiant Spirit.


Dearest Mother, Father, my All,

Keep me safe within your heart

Let this child, for now on earth

Never feel that we’re apart.

In the glow of Your Dear Love

I feel a kinship with you

Time and place are barriers not

To feeling ever near you.


A Spiritual Cure for Loneliness
copyright © 2012-2018 Susan Helene Kramer

Photo credit S. H. Kramer: Grandmother Helen with 10 of her younger grandkids; I was already an adult

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