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The Energy of Love


Susan Helene Kramer

My heart beats
on the energy of love
love  love  love 
love  love


1.   Universal Order
2.   Earth—The Planetary Airport
3.   Consideration
4.   Insightful
5.   Continuance of Existence
6.   Attunement with our Creator-Sustainer
7.   Holding Precious
8.   Traveling Through Transitions
9.   The Preciousness of Friendship
10.   Meeting
11.   Clarity
12.   Peaceful Acceptance
13.   Personal Equanimity
14.   Nonsense Makes No Sense
15.   True Satisfaction
16.   Clarity; Sincerity
17.   Buddies
18.   Why Are We Here, Anyway?
19.   Why the Right Choice Might Feel Difficult
20.   Unlimited Happiness
21.   Crystal Heart
22.   Ultrasonic Communication
23.   Ideas in Format
24.   In Tune Within Time
25.   Compounding Interest
26.   Repetition in Personal and World History
27.   Substituting Action for Neediness
28.   Get Up and Out When Down
29   Lovingness with the Creation flows from Loving our Creator
30.   Light Melding Atoms
31.   First or Last
32.   High Noon
33.   Redirecting Stressful Energy
34.   Making Time; Taking Time
35.   In Consuming We Contract; In Loving We Expand
36.   How to Show Care and Love
37   Traumatic Events
38.   Difficult People
39.   Processing
40.   The Transience of Form
41.   Finding the Best Target
42.   Beyond Bonding
43.   Truth
44.   Surrendering to the Highest Good

45.   Breathing Out Love
46.   Let Go; Live Again
47.   What Is Love?
48.   Recovering After Falling
49.   Understanding our Body Signals
50.   Plotting a Course Unlimited
51.   Our Deepest Roots
52.   Handling Adversity
53.   Time as Liquid Silver
54.   A True Gift
55.   Maintaining Wholeness in Relationship
56.   Faith and Trust—Useful Tools
57.   Easy Communication in Relationships
58.   Analyze, Accept, Incorporate Repeatedly
.   Thoughts on my Brothers and Sisters
60.   For Ultimate Happiness
61.  Aliveness in Relationship
62.  Softening the Mind-Set
63.  Casual to Commitment to Marriage
64.  Discipline With Ourselves and Children
65.  Friends to Lovers to Marriage
66.  Conscious Communion; Conscious Harmony
67.  Children and Adults—Evolutionary Partners
68.  Progression of Evolving Humanity
69.  Relationships as Mirrored Images
70.  The Safety-Grip of Conscience
71.  Designing and Blueprinting a Relationship
72.  Identifying with Spiritual Reality
73.  Interweaving Energies
74.  Religious Doctrines; Moral Precepts
75.  Developing Devotion from the Emotion of Relationship
76  The Shoreline of Living
77.  Visualize with Feeling
78.  Self-knowledge
79.  The Whole Body
80.  Using Cause and Effect for Positive Results
81.  Loving Wisdom
82.  Some Ideas for Balancing Body-Mind Energy
83.  Appropriately Expressing Instead of Repressing
84.  Journeying
85.  How It Is
86.  Love and Science Are One
87.  Personal Integrity in Daily Living
88.  Remembrance

Plotting a course
unlimited by time and place
when using the energy of love

Excerpts from book contents:

1. Universal Order

Scientific laws provide harmony and balance
Selfless love provides harmony and balance
Both carried out
through pervading energy of the universe

A life lived lovingly in concert with natural laws
integrates spiritual consciousness
into material living

2. Earth—The Planetary Airport

Earth lies below our feet. We touch down, rest, and refuel as needed.

At the earth airport we get everything we need to function and grow; all the raw materials to maintain and sustain. Each day we take off on our individual flight, coordinating our course around others' flights in progress.

Our body, like an airplane, transports us through life.

As we fly our body-plane in the clear open sky we look down on the broad expansive view. We can use these moments to look back on what scenes we have already experienced, then by looking forward, see where that course of events is leading us. We can decide whether course changes—attitude and actions adjustments—will lead us to a destination more in line with our goals.

In every ongoing moment we can make the course adjustments that will maintain our sense of balance by living our life lovingly for the highest good.

Living a balance life, we maintain harmony with the rest of creation. By maneuvering our plane around turbulence, our takeoffs and landings in others' lives are smooth, even uplifting.

Touching down on planet earth
resting, refueling
zooming off again in our body-plane
A trip enjoyed thoroughly
when maneuvered in flight
for the highest good

3. Consideration

Polite, thoughtful interaction is consideration.

Points of view are formed from personal experience; our past experiences uniquely our own. We all react differently, even in the same circumstance.

We can keep our personal point of view while accepting that others' points of view are valid for them by remembering that current perceptions and reactions are based on past input. Politeness and considerations of others' ideas and feelings lends to mutually relaxed interaction; expansion of our experience base.

Practicing consideration relaxes everyone
allowing exchanges that broaden our views
Broadened views extend our reality
into realization of our intertwining roles
in each others' lives
From one of the parts to parts of the One

4. Insightful

Insightful is having the whole picture in sight.

To develop insight follow a logical line of reasoning to the source of the issue.

Analyze calmly
Consider calmly

We need to act on the highest good; the option that leaves our body feeling relaxed and our mind peaceful.

The benefit of taking time to develop insight is an increase of harmony in every aspect of living.

See what's visible
Exploring what's hidden
Pull out from within
harmonious decisions
Insightful living
from logical thinking

5. Continuance of Existence

A rose plucked from the bush
continues to emit fragrantly

After leaving, the presence of people continue in our life through the influence they had in forming who we now are.

We become aware of the consciousness of continuance while acting with caring love. Our caring actions are like a boomerang—the energy coming back later in an improved world.

Existence continuing
from what's set before
Moving onward
Expanded by lovingness

6. Attunement with our Creator-Sustainer

Every atom in the universe is powered by intelligence, as the harmoniously vibrating energy we can our Creator-Sustainer. The energy is intelligent because every atom interrelates and cooperates forming molecules, then the larger systems of minerals, plants, animals.

The pervading energy—the pulse of Creator-Sustainer—is non-judgmental. We know this by observing electrical energy: it is just present to be used for good or bad as we choose. Whatever attitudes and thoughts we choose to give energy and time to produce like results in actions, circumstances and relationships.

Positive attitudes and uplifting thoughts create harmony, beauty and love in our life. negative destructive thoughts create experiences of loneliness, separation and fear that we will lose what we have.

The experience of universal consciousness is essentially harmony; connection we feel as lovingness. Our Creator's will for us in the long run is to come to know and experience the perfection of harmony, resulting when we act for the highest good of each circumstance at each moment.

As we attune our mind and subsequent actions with the natural intelligent harmony, as we are all destined to do, we reap lovingness in our life.

our creations
producing our choices
Harmonious thinking
lovingness in living

7. Holding Precious

That which is personally special we hold precious.

It is beneficial to hold people and things precious because we learn how to treat them well, with carefulness. Practicing carries over into all aspect of living. The more people we hold precious, the more we stay in consciousness of caring, becoming predominantly caring people.

Caring—the ability to hold precious—comes from our place of ever-present happiness, the state of awareness that experiences joy and peace, regardless of the up and down events in living.

Holding precious
Manifested caring
from our place of joyfulness and lovingness
The more we experience preciousness
the more we are living in tune with our eternal Self
beyond limiting time, place, space

8. Traveling through Transitions

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination along an unknown road is a transition.

Body, mind and emotions are tuned to a higher pitch during transitions, drawing on our reserves. To do what is unfamiliar takes more concentrated energy than repeating habitual actions.

We can draw in fresh energy to keep up with above normal need by increasing aerobic activity and upgrading already available energy through deep relaxation and meditation.

During major transitions, such as the death of a love one, keeping some familiar habits in our daily routine provides us continuity and stability, giving the untraveled road ahead an underlying stable base.

Traveling through transition occurs more easily
by carrying along baggage of familiar habits, activities

9. The Preciousness of Friendship

A friend cares for us unconditionally.

Material possessions eventually wear out, even with perfect care. But, when we treat our friends with preciousness our love for them and their love for us grows and expands.

In the consciousness of being and having a friend we operate outside the wold of cause and effect. A friend's love and care is with us when we are up or down, poor or wealthy, sad or happy.

Friendship is our soul in action

Showing friendship is beyond the laws of physics, not dependent on a certain time, space or circumstance for its manifestation.

Beyond wealth
Beyond fame
Beyond anything else
is the preciousness of friendship

10. Meeting

Meeting of

Penetration of
Minds Emotions


into release of
Looking beyond ego
by loving unconditionally

Meeting of Self

11. Clarity

Clear insight
Manifestation of wisdom

12. Peaceful Acceptance

Peaceful Acceptance
Allowing others their ways
while retaining personal harmony

13. Personal Equanimity

Personal Equanimity
The balance that looks
right and left
forward and back
without falling over
in changing circumstances

14. Nonsense Makes No Sense

Nonsense: having no sense about priorities; right action.

Essentials before nonessentials

We are naturally lighthearted. It is nonsense to let small obstructions blind us from our long range essential goal: realization of our underlying immortal nature.

Running through a puddle quickly and lightly makes more sense than dallying in the mud. Avoiding mud-clogged ways by taking big steps of change for the better puts us on solid ground.

Have none of nonsense
With lighthearted attitudes
positive acts
put the sense of essential
loving and giving
back into living

15. True Satisfaction

True satisfaction is contentment in all aspects of living.

Even when life is full of turbulent events we preserve our sense of contentment by doing what our conscience tell us is right.

Following in inner guidance of our conscience is the buoy that keeps us afloat in the tossing seas of life. When that unpredictable wave threatens to pull us under we can hold tightly to the direction of our conscience, being supported till the waters of life's events are once again settled into gentle swells.

True satisfaction
Contentment maintained through life's turmoil
by holding onto the life preserver of conscience

16. Clarity; Sincerity

Clarity, sincerity: seeing an issue without bias, then acting for the highest good.

Our actions are effectively sincere when we have pierced to the core of understanding preceding and current information.

Sincere communication comes from clarity of perception.

Clear perception with sincere intention
Effective communication

Adding lovingness to clarity and sincerity brings about transformation in ourselves and in others by our example. Touching all with lovingness also develops our consciousness of being an interwoven part of creation.

Evolvement of consciousness
from piercing clarity
loving sincerity

17. Buddies

enjoying the prospect
of blossoming
over a lifetime
of caring and sharing
with one another
The condition underlying
outer expressions
of unconditional love

18. Why Are We Here, Anyway?

Why are we here, anyway? Perhaps to become conscious of our inherent roots, nourishing us from the ground of changelessness.

A tree grows from a seed planted in fertile soil, its systems developing into maturity. The underlying roots, sunk deep, and hidden in stable earth, support exposed parts. From this example, we see that underlying structures, though hidden from view, support outer forms.

Could we have our visible outer form without a strong underlying reality? Each of us is planted in a womb, maturing in the process of growing outwardly, before using much energy looking inwardly for the source supporting our visible form.

Like the tree, our roots are hidden from our physical eyes and senses. But, by following our inner guidance with a loving heart, we travel the labyrinth till meeting with and experiencing our Source. Then we feel the completeness of knowing ourselves, and understand we are here to become aware that we are one of the parts and part of the wholeness of uncreated and created reality.

Growing daily outwardly
then diving into the crystal pool of consciousness
Coming up clear and refreshed in the knowledge
of wholeness in outer, inner, and Universal Self

19. Why the Right Choice Might Feel Difficult

It takes more energy to climb a hill than to descend it, but the view as we climb becomes increasingly expansive.

We usually have several choices in resolving a situation. Making the effort to do what we feel is right reaps positive results. When we slide along in the groove of least resistance life becomes monotonous, boring.

What seems difficult, but right, leads to unbroken peacefulness, satisfaction. Following our conscience expands our consciousness of being linked within the larger reality; it is positive use of energy with its like result.

Making right, but seemingly difficult decisions, aligns us with the constantly flowing universal energy, felt as body heat—fueling us amply to carry out what is right.

Right, but difficult
aligns with harmony
energizing from the Universal Source

20. Unlimited Happiness

Just love all
Happiness is the Source of all
loving all is being
with unlimited happiness

21. Crystal Heart

Crystal heart
Clarified mind
purified by caring
Bursting forth
from prison of self-centeredness
into prism of lovingness
Shining crystal heart

22. Ultrasonic Communication

Ultrasound clear away attached debris.

Ultrasonic communication is a relaxed accepting attitude that clears away debris between minds that has prevented the flow of caring thoughts, feelings, actions.

Our acceptance of what others are experiencing and expressing according to their need and past conditioning frees us to relax and allow the warm undercurrent to flow openly between. We are released and cleared of interfering words and actions.

Ultrasonic communication
Total acceptance
Clearing away the grit of interference
from our mind
Leaving space for communing
while communicating

23. Ideas in Format

ideas energized
thoughts energized
Forms in creation
ideas in use

Ideas mulled over, thought about, finally organized into a plan of action.

Following an organized plan, revising as we proceed by incorporating upgraded input, produces a result beyond the expectation of our first concept.

Ideas compound from ideas preceding, each a building block of the finished product.

By logically and lovingly bringing our ideas into thought and form, we harmonize our creations within the order and beauty of the natural universe.

Creating from ideas
into harmonious formats

24. In Tune Within Time

Moving along
stepping in time
in time, in tune
in tune within time

Giving in living
melody succinct
sharing our time
in tune within time

Tuning our life strings
to play living chords
of harmony, lovingly
in tune within time

In tune with life's rhythms
of comings and goings
comings and going
in tune within time

25. Compounding Interest

We invest money; our return includes a dividend.

We invest caring and sharing in a relationship; the return a greater awakening of our vital energy.

By expressing lovingly, our personal experience of harmony is compounded many times over the initial act.

Expressing lovingly compounds instantly
Its interest and dividends
our increasing awareness
of harmonious interconnection within the creation
With love, like begets like
and then some

26. Repetition in Personal and World History

Paying attention and learning minimizes the need for repetition.

We repeat, repeatedly, till we consistently remember that which we need for our knowledge and growth; our personal history becoming part of world history.

To learn more about humanity's process, (which begins within and manifests in action), we can study and analyze the events down through the ages.  What we personally do not learn through this process, we repeat, till we grow beyond that which mankind as a whole has experienced.

On this planet civilizations have risen and fallen repeatedly; repetitiously.

In our personal life, we rise by applying energy in a positive way to our interests, and we fall if our actions are not in harmony within the natural universal orderliness and guidelines of sharing, caring, surrendering to the highest good in all circumstances.

History repeats repetitiously
until actions are instilled
with natural orderliness
infused with lovingness

27. Substituting Action for Neediness

We feel the need for completeness when we are out of balance within our mental/emotional/physical self.

We can institute self-motivated positive activity when we feel we need something or someone to make us feel happy.

Positive action taps into our natural source of energy, aligning our mind with our underlying harmony—our state untouched by neediness.

Physical, emotional, mental
conditions three
balanced productively, happily
through positive acts
brought into harmony

28. Get Up and Out When Down

Getting up and out when feeling down, or lying down, draws fresh energy into our body, lifting our spirit.

Freshly energized, our attitudes and perceptions clarify, sharpen. The grit of indeision and staleness falls away, just as a whirling strainer throws off chaff, preserving the nutritious kernel.

It takes initiative to get going. When feeling low, if we will take a moment to think back about how good we have felt during and after exercising, we will have the incentive to et ourselves out and energized, relieving our down attitude and mood.

When lying low
Sit up
Get up and move

29. Lovingness with the Creation flows from Loving our Creator

We love our mate, then the child that follows.

We draw our energy from the ever-flowing Source to use in our actions that follow.

Lovingness for another expresses in proportion to the loving energy we first feel with our Creator-Sustainer.

Feeling appreciation and gratitude
for the beauty of creation
allows us a glimpse of and experience
of our Source

30. Light Melding Atoms

melding atoms
split in light
Atom within atom
Light within light

31. First or Last

So, who shall be first
and who shall be last?
those rightly doing  their task
So, who shall be first
and who shall be last?
those who think
there is a first and a last

32. High Noon

Standing at high noon
in the fullness of 'son' light

Keeping our personal actions light and bright, by doing what is right, keeps us integrating the consciousness of our Highest Self.  In 'son' light we radiate caring, never casting a shadow of negative energy upon anyone or anything.

We become as a lighthouse, shining our beam of unconditional love.  All that returns to us from this state is our own reflection shown to us by others' shining faces.

Clear and right
shining bright
Self in light of love

After polishing up our actions and manner of relating, we become that shining beacon.  Becoming aware of our brilliance is a gradual process that is enjoyable all the while, because we continually feel more of our state of lovingness while relating lovingly.  The effort to polish up our life worth the return of always feeling like a source of lighthearted love.

Standing still, feeling warmth
Shining bright, radiating love
Overcoming all by being overcome
with daylight, our Creator's light
as in high noon

33. Redirecting Stressful Energy

Stress is energy without direction.

Taking the undirected energy of stress and applying it useful relieves stressful feelings.

At the first sign of distress we can take a moment to breathe in deeply and then let go while relaxing on the out-breath.  Controlled breathing cuts the edge off agitation. Next, change activity and surroundings. Focusing the mind on another activity redirects stressful energy. Choosing to live for the highest good directs our energy in a positive manner.

Directing our energy for the highest good
serves us best
eliminates stress

34. Making Time; Taking Time

We easily make time for the people we want to be with and the things we want to do. It is harder to arouse energy for what we are procrastinating about, or do not really want to do.

We feel a burst of energy to get the job done by adopting a positive attitude toward what we put off doing by saying, "The quicker I get it done, the sooner I'll be through."

It is the attitude in our mind about people or things that focuses the necessary energy in our body to fulfill our desires.

Energy is flowing through us all the time from the permanent source of our Creator-Sustainer.  By our attitudes and will we are choosing how much current to draw from the inexhaustible supply. When we really want a certain result we make the time and space to create that reality.

By our free will
we make space in our time
to fulfill desires

35. In Consuming We Contract; In Loving We Expand


We might think it is the opposite, that by consuming we are gaining and by loving we are giving ourselves away.

It is what we do after we consume that matters.

If we use our consumption to fortify ourselves solely, we are reinforcing the false idea that we are separate from that which is outside our own body.

When we use our personal gains as tools of sharing by including others in our circle of caring, we are effectively using our consumption to expand our capacity of loving.

Loving more and more and more
erases the barrier we thought were there
Filling our life
with more and more and more

36. How to Show Care and Love

Acting for our own and others' highest good is the best way to show we care. Caring removes borders of self-centeredness.

It is from feeling that we are interrelated, intermeshed within creation, that we naturally act for the highest good. Eventually, we feel so comfortable interacting with others that we realize that no one is really a stranger, rather, all are aspects of our universal Self.

Seeing that everything is an aspect of ourselves, our thoughts, and their subsequent actions, we naturally begin to care about the good of all.

Stretching ourselves far and wide
Embracing creation in our love

37. Traumatic Events

Traumatic events
Sudden changes in our reality
Part of life

We react emotionally, mentally, physically to trauma.

What changes is changed; there is no reversing.  We use our free will to resist change or we adapt gracefully.

During trauma it is okay to allow ourselves to feel and express naturally. Knowing there will be a level plateau ahead for recuperation allows us to express fully as befits the situation, and then go on.

Experiencing fully
learning and growing
Experiencing some more
learning and growing
into the full blossoming
of our humanity

38. Difficult People

We call a person difficult when we get uncomfortable feeling in our body while with them or thinking about them.  Their actions, or what they screech, across the grooves of the record we have playing in our mind. It is unpleasant being around people who are difficult for us.

We can protect ourselves from the uncomfortable affects of difficult people by:
1. Avoiding contact with them;
2. Observing what they do or say while maintaining neutral feelings and thoughts about them;
3. Doing the opposite of being the mental observer by being surrendered and open to their form of expression; allowing new grooves of a different reality to be recorded in our mind and stored for reference. During this new recording we do not have to give up our own position or way of thinking; we are expanding our experience base.

Difficult people may not have contact and personal experience with their underlying state of harmony.  We learn mainly by trial and error.  After we have continual problems in relating harmoniously we begin to ask ourselves why. After the reasons outside ourselves are exhausted we begin personal self-improvement.  This is the last resort but the right place to get to know our underlying happy, harmonious Self.

The sincere desire to know ourselves—our Source—leads to experiencing our underlying harmony, which imbues our subsequent thoughts and actions.  We begin having easy relationships in all aspects of living.

Beautiful uplifting music is made up of the harmonious blending of separate notes. We are each like notes of music, acting in phrases, and when conscious of our grace and balance, forming melodies and symphonies with others and all around us.

Outer actions are reflections
of our state of consciousness
Happiness emanates from underlying harmony

39. Processing

In processing we take in, mull over, come up with something different.  And in that middle space we digest and integrate new insights into our consciousness, or we suffer indigestion by only partially understanding and analyzing what is going on with us.

While still digesting, before the additional insights are integrated usefully, our thoughts, words, and actions reflect the undigested state we are operating in. We are not manifesting the final outcome of our new insights. When we are in distress, we are still in processing mode; out output is not reflecting a finalized state.

Facing our issues of conflict takes courage and applied energy. Processing can be facilitated by accepting that our goal is what benefits us in the end. Living each moment for our highest perceived good flushes out discrepancies between our words and actions. As we live in line with our highest thoughts and words, we purify our mind, pushing out undigested remnants of our past. As these old issues come up to our consciousness they can be burned up by our most current consciousness of what living for the highest good means to us.

Energy applied to living the highest good
Resulting in clarity of mind
relaxation with life

40. The Transience of Form

Science has shown that physical form is compressed energy. To our eye matter appears solid, unmoving, unchanging. In reality, everything is changing its form at varying rates.

Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime; from a speck at conception to billions of cells at maturity; in flux of renewal continually.

All the while our bodies are changing they are occupied by the same consciousness of Self. In whatever form our bodies appear, at whatever age, we are each always able to say: it is me.

During all the changes of our bodies and surroundings, we preserve our happiness by adapting to and accepting the format of the moment; gracefully flowing from this moment's form into the next.

Within the changing format of energy-matter a consciousness persists, untouched by change. Our connection within the unchanging consciousness is our feeling of love, manifested by care.

Love stands on its own; using form, time, circumstance as tools.

Transient forms
usefully employed
expressing love

41. Finding the Best Target


Aim, fire, bulls-eye.

The target is what lies in front of us in our personal circumstances: people, places, things.

When we feel energy build up in our body and mind, we aim that energy at one of the targets in our lives—firing—by directing energy through our words and actions.

We hit, but it may not be the bulls-eye of the right target.

Pain, disharmony, alienation—our clues that we directed energy to an inappropriate target.  We can make amends by redirecting our energy usefully, harmoniously.

If we are being targeted by misdirected energy, we can preserve our personal balance by getting out of the way. We never need to be fuel for another's disharmony.

Energy is motion, naturally discharging.  By upgrading our state of consciousness, we learn to aim and fire our energy where it will serve the highest good.

We are each responsible for our words and actions.

Taking aim
Targeting the highest good

42. Beyond Bonding

Beyond bonding
Dissolving separate aspects
into union of Oneness
Transcending time, place, space
by fires of lovingness
One shared consciousness
Perfect human love

43. Truth

Truth. If we live the highest truth we are aware of in each moment; we retain our natural feelings of ease and harmony.  Doing less, we fall from our highest state of happiness, producing discord.

We are made of integrated systems—body, mind, emotions—powered by ever-present universal energy; every thought and action affecting bodily systems.

As we become more conscious of truth, through the wisdom gained in daily living, our actions follow the upgraded lead.

The important point is for us to follow the highest, clearest directive of our personal conscience at each moment, to moment, to moment.

Our life is like a garden. From the beautiful flowers of our lovingness, we produce fruits of abundance in peace and harmony.

by our free will
it's our choice

44. Surrendering to the Highest Good

The highest good is a win-win situation.

By accommodating ourselves to the guidance of our conscience we win; we remain peaceful and content, able to rationally consider and decide on a best resolve in any situation.

Surrendering to the highest good allows the pieces of the puzzle to fit together even before we know how the finished puzzle will look.

From our individual viewpoint, we cannot see around the corner, but from the vantage point of the overview, the view of harmony—the highest good—all angles are visible.

Our conscience is tuned in to the channel that has the overview. By aligning with this higher view we can see the best course of action to follow.

As we align within our situation, we experience our state of harmony, and those around us are able to more easily see their place in relation to us.

Personally surrendering
to the harmony of the whole
allows our insightful peacefulness
to overflow

45. Breathing Out Love

We can't see air
but we breathe in in
We can't see love
but we breathe it out
through our actions

As sun rays warm and energize us, the rays of our actions carry our love.

Like the sun, our inner sun shines, independent of an outside source.

We are rewarded and expanded during our acts of unconditional love. Every time we breathe out a loving act, a spontaneous in-breath of warm-feeling contented energy fills our body; a cycle recharging us and creating an ever more vibrant experience of love.

We breathe in and out
but not just air
Love energizes us
over and over and over
by its expression

46. Let Go; Live Again

Our lives are like honey combs with spaces to fill our time as we choose. Most spaces are filled with activities to maintain our body and lifestyle.

We also have spaces available for the intertwinings of relationship. As we relate one on one  we weave out threads of separateness into a tapestry which seems solid and permanent.

When a personal relationship disintegrates we feel pain as the cloth of our bonding is torn to shreds.  It hurts to rip apart from the relationships we create.

We begin reweaving the torn threads into a more refined tapestry by surrendering our actions for the highest good. By upgrading our self-centered feelings into caring actions we relax and regain our sense of balance and harmony.  Evolution is a natural building and tearing down process that makes space for refined, redesigned structures.  A relationship needs to be condemned and demolished when one or both can no longer grow within the current set of circumstances, conditions and interactions.

It is okay to begin rebuilding with a different set of circumstances and another person. We again take up our threads and begin reweaving a new and more refined pattern into our relationship cloth. It is a natural evolution.

Eventually, we create an intimate relationship out of mutual unconditional caring love, steeped in harmony, withstanding all external pressures and changes. It is a tapestry whose threads are pure liquid silver, whose lightness and love is eternal and indestructible by mortal happenings.  This kind of relationship is created when we live lovingly for the highest good of ourselves and simultaneously for the highest good of the relationship.

The pain of disintegration is a fiery refining process. Consciously allowing, surrendering, letting go of an unworkable relationship forms a bridge to a better life for both.

We create our reality as we choose
based on past experience, insights
In one area of another
we're in process of building up
or tearing down
Pain is perceived when we feel we've lost
But in reality we're rearranging
to fulfill our needs and desires
till we learn to relate
with unconditional love

47. What Is Love?

Love is our Self; transcending time and place.

Even when a loved-one dies, our feelings continue, unchanged.

Love is our connection within immortality. By our increasing lovingness and care in daily living we come to greater awareness of our underlying Self.

Proficiency in love grows and develops by practice, till it comes through our actions at all times; gracefully uplifting any situation to its highest capacity.

What is love?
Love is us
manifesting through our purified mind
in caring thoughts, actions
The more often we are loving
the more often we are being our Self

48. Recovering After Falling

While standing on the edge of a cliff we are supported on solid earth. Falling off the cliff we immediately panic, perceiving ourselves disconnected, separated.

Solid ground is our state of naturally flowing harmony, experienced by tuning what is best for us at each moment.  Acting from harmony we feel connected with all aspects of ourselves, interconnected with others, the whole creation and encompassing all—our Creator-Sustainer.

When we fall from our natural harmony we can choose to get right back up on solid ground by harmonizing our actions with the highest truth we are aware of.

A continuing attitude of lovingness assures that our actions will be tuned in with the greatest presence of harmony.

Keeping our feet on solid ground
harmoniously relating, interrelating
produces peace in our lives
and by our example of love
Peace on Earth

49. Understanding our Body Signals

Energy is continually circulating throughout our body, concentrating in the area of need at the moment.

Our bodies are designed to focus energy according to changing needs and desires—instinctively for our protection and consciously by our will power.  In a situation where we need to run away we have that burst of energy available, instantly.

We react to all stimuli. If we pay attention to the area of our body where we are feeling increased energy we can more easily assess what is happening with us.

We universally feel emotional energy in specific locations in our body.  Fear is concentrated in our abdomen, though when transformed into love through caring and sharing, we feel the energy in our upper torso and arms—the location leading to constructive action.

When in a situation where we are confused about our feelings, we can get an accurate answer by placing our hand on the area of our body where we are feeling the strongest energy. Generally, below the waist signals feelings of separation, the desire to have someone or something outside ourselves make us feel complete and happy.  Warm energy above the waist signals feelings of connection, wanting to share that which we are and have as an extension of our innate sense of completeness.

Learning to read our body signals
allows us to understand the situation at hand
Full understanding
Conscious choices

50. Plotting a Course Unlimited

What dimension is unlimited by time and place?


Caring beyond ourselves brings warm-feeling energy into our body, into our waking consciousness to be used in interactions.  Love propels us to break free from the idea that we have a limited supply of mental, emotional, physical energy.

The unlimited energy brought on by lovingness
catapults us beyond
concept of limitation

Our inner guide—our conscience—is awakened and developed by our being unconditionally loving in daily living. As we incorporate lovingness into every circumstance in living, we preserve our awareness of harmony and connection as interwoven threads in the cloth of our Creator in creation.

Plotting a course unlimited
unbound by time and place
when using the energy of love

51. Our Deepest Roots

Deep within each of us is our place where no disturbance can exist. Like the roots of a tree below the ground—secure and steady—our deepest roots channel our life-sap of vital energy into our limbs for interaction in the world.

Our deepest roots are our natural state of peace and bliss.  In meditation and quiet introspection we bore deeply into our internal-eternal Source, consciously widening those life-giving channels of nourishing contentment and bliss.

The opening channels allow us to integrate peacefulness and balance into our fast-paced living, taking the edge off our worldly state of frenzy.

Incorporating love into meditation and introspection opens wide the access to our even deeper universal root where we are all interconnected.

Ever-flowing harmony and love energize us completely, allowing us to extend the branches of our arms into the many leaves of action in our life.

Roots set in harmony
holding us upright, balanced
in everyday living

52. Handling Adversity

There are positive and negative charges within every atom of creation. These opposing energies cooperate causing motion, the flow of energy. Some energy solidifies forming physical matter; some is felt but unseen as in heat and electricity.

When confronted with adversity in other people we can retain our peace by assuming a neutral position. Example: While driving a car we can go forward, backward or remain in neutral—as at a stop light—to avoid a collision while traffic crosses our path.

Adversity in people or a situation is 'cross traffic'.  Allowing their opposing energy to go by while remaining in neutral keeps us out of an accident of conflict.

Our self-centeredness tempts us to pull out of neutral into conflict because we feel our point of view is being jeopardized.  But, within the negative or opposing side of peace, there is no resolve that serves the highest good. Decisions out of strife fail as they are not born of balance and harmony—nature's way to maintain universal order.

Handling adversity
pausing, waiting
while opposing energy passes by
later, adversity harnessed
into cooperative action
Balanced use of energy

53. Time as Liquid Silver

Liquid silver; valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable.

Time flows with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace.

One hour may always be 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable—liquid silver—by increasing the quality we put into those 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver by always acting from the highest consciousness.  Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade—viewing our time as precious silver or downgrade—viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

given quality
brightened capacity
flows through our lives
as liquid silver

54. A True Gift

Giving, without expecting in return, is a true gift.

Warmth energizes our body when we are sharing freely.

The reason we feel warmly energized in giving freely is that we are not cluttering our mind with thinking how our gift will be repaid. Without these nagging thoughts, our natural harmony can arise in our consciousness. This is in tune with nature's balancing principle of surrendering to another for the benefit of the whole.

Example: The sun's energy is used by the plant to form its leaves. The leaves provide our foot and we use the gained energy to maintain ourselves and share with others, who in turn share with different people; on and on.

We harmonize with nature's way—interaction amongst all the parts to maintain the universe—as we give and share lovingly; freely.

That which flows through us lovingly
The True Gift

55. Maintaining Wholeness in Relationship

We enter a relationship to interrelate, all the while retaining individuality.

While retaining our individually a blending takes place in order to achieve mutual long range goals.  Individual energies are aligned so the combined energy can be used effectively.

Though each has merged some personal desires into common goals, the two individuals maintain basic qualities that sustain them as a person while relating in cooperative ways.

From our state of wholeness we share our best for the highest common good in the relationship.

Wholeness imparting balance
into Oneness of relationship

Individual wholeness out-branches from personal integrity—living according to our conscience every moment. When our actions follow our conscience we maintain natural ease; we harmonize with what's for the moment—whether alone, with a partner, or relating in the community.

Personal wholeness—integrity, balance—is the strong foundation of a productive life and fulfilling relationship.

Relating with personal integrity
maintains harmony within diversity

56. Faith and Trust—Useful Tools

Looking back in our lives, we see that all our problems had workable solutions, showing that current and future situations will also be resolved. Knowing this, we can relax our tensions and misgivings about being able to cope with anything that comes up in our life.

Faith: the belief and trust that everything works out.

Faith and Trust
useful tools
when recognized as allowing us
to remain calm
becoming aware
of the best workable solution
in each situation

In addition, by making our best effort from this point forward, we can have 100% faith that our future will bring us closer to realization and knowledge of our permanent reality of peace, bliss, joy.

57. Easy Communication in Relationships

When we have a loving attitude while communicating the correct words come out of our mouth.

The attitude of caring is the key to enter the world of easy communication.  It is our choice to flip the switch to care whenever we choose. We keep ourselves from communicating effectively in our relationships until we choose giving, caring, sharing feelings.

The mind and body function as partners—as we direct—by our attitude of the moment. When we are in a caring mood we are relaxed, feeling our natural harmony in body and mind. From this easeful space and place our kind thoughts come through us into our words.

Easy words; easy communication.

Caring attitudes
creating harmony in body and mind
making communication fine

58. Analyze, Accept, Incorporate Repeatedly

All our actions
are our choosing
Allowing someone else to guide us
is our choice, too
We each author our destiny

We interrelate; give and take. There are always at least two ways to act in a given situation. We can choose to act for the highest good, or not. The result of not actin for best is disharmony; a sense of separateness.  Harmony—feeling connection between ourselves and others—allows our greatest joy.

Here is a four-part technique to gain conscious control and understanding of our mind:
1. Analyze the motives for past or planned actions.
2. Accept that those motives were or are valid.
3. Incorporate past lessons learned—wisdom—into current action.
4. Repeat the entire process: analyze, accept, incorporate, as an on-going pattern in living.

Personal action in harmony with the highest good
preserves personal peace
And when everyone's  actions
preserve personal peace
we will have WORLD PEACE

59. Thoughts on my Brothers and Sisters

In the integration
of body, mind, emotion
energized by the spirit of love
I would like to see
my brothers and sisters
interacting harmoniously
our enlivened communal energy
with all creation

60. For Ultimate Happiness

For ultimate happiness prioritize. Separate needs from desires; resolve to pursue the ultimate goal - one and the same for all - sustained happiness.

Using energy in seeking ultimate happiness, communion with our Creator-Sustainer, we feel satisfaction within, a knowing that we are on track.

The process of learning to commune with the harmony permeating every speck of existence goes inversely hand in hand with fulfillment of worldly desires. The less able we are to find true happiness through acquiring possessions and relationships, the more we look for the experience of lasting happiness and joy—driving us at last to look within.

The more we strive outwardly, the quicker—through getting discouraged by disappointments—we decide to tune inwardly, aligning with our state of underlying happiness.

Energy travels in orbits, like the planets in our solar system. What goes out comes back with the same force. Sincerity in looking for sustained happiness draws this energy to us; like begets like.

We search as much as possible for happiness in worldliness; then the world by its temporary highs, shows that the direction is really the journey within to our roots born of the harmony of love and kindness.

Searching high and low
and everywhere else
leaves only one place to look
in our hide and seek game of life

61.  Aliveness in Relationship

The life of a relationship is like the life of a plant; growing and flourishing when nurtured—fading away when neglected.

A relationship grows when fed with the flowing waters of sharing, and the essential nutrient of love.

Indifference in a relationship is like drought to the plant; neither survive.

Relationships are precious; sustained with mutual energy.  Both need to share and be receptive to the other's love; forming a circle, expanding continuously.

We grow in the ability to love the more we share lovingly; relationships give us the opportunity to develop our capacity to love fully.

exchanging lovingly
sharing, caring
expanding rapidly
feeling whole, complete
in relationship

62. Softening the Mind-Set

There is no way to change another's mind-set.

What does transform is our unconditional love and acceptance of a people, just as they are. Our acceptance and love softens another's mind, which 'lets down' its defenses, and in that momentary relaxation slips beyond its rigidness to its permanent state of Self-sustained love.

Example: Ice will stay keep its form in a cold strainer, but when exposed to heat it melts through.  The ice is like our hardened set patterns, ideas and attitudes. The strainer is the mind structure with its techniques and devices. The heat that melts icy attitudes is unconditional love. We need to act from the greater level of harmonious acceptance in order to bring others to their state of love.

Enlightenment is the outcome of giving up rigidness in favor of loving attitudes.

What happens to the mind when we do not give in to its self-centered ways? It instead becomes our useful tool, aiding us in expressing ourselves lovingly; efficiently working out daily problems. When we try to change another's mind-set to our own point of view, we are giving our mind a false power that will eventually self-destruct in its fickleness and changeability.

Only our Self, existing as the state of unchanging love is a constant reality.

Let us go for the unchangeable; live the unchangeable, through unconditional love every moment.

Through unconditional love
live in enlightenment
lightened thoughts, words, deeds
the happy way to exist

63. Casual to Commitment to Marriage

From an ongoing relationship, a point in time comes where another level must be entered for the relationship to grow into permanence.

Unconditional acceptance, unconditional love, is the binding ingredient allowing us to cross successfully into the permanence of marriage.

The partners must feel they will bear with future situations, no matter what the other is going through.  The decision to commit comes at the point in time when we become detached enough to observe how the other is on a regular basis. From this observation point, we need to ask ourselves if we could maintain our peacefulness and caring under those circumstances in a daily living situation. It is important to face this analysis so the relationship can, if seen to be unconditionally acceptable, be allowed to expand to the level of life mates.

If both can not fully accept each other unconditionally, it is time to back off into a less involved relationship.  This is not the time to plunge ahead into a live-in situation in hopes of working through obstacles. Pain and discomfort result when obstacles are compounded by living together. The relationship becomes a head-to-head situation, because the two minds are trying to work out issues that are inherently part of each person's point of view. Whereas, unconditional acceptance from both, for each other, is the harmony of hearts cooperating for the highest common good.

Relationship communion is union
The marriage union
being sustained
by unconditional acceptance
unconditional love

64. Discipline with Ourselves and Children

Mostly, our guideline for behavior was instilled in us as children; modified in our current life from trial and error.

We guide our children according to what we think worked for us. As our consciousness expands, our ideas of effective discipline change.

Unconditional love allows us to bear with the shortcomings children exhibit in their behavior.

Self-discipline in our children comes from teaching them the benefits of self-motivated right behavior; allowing them to interrelate harmoniously. Teaching children self-motivation gives them an effective grounding in time and energy management, carrying into adulthood.

We instill a child with personally motivated self-discipline by:
1. Being a living example;
2. Planning with and helping the child implement a schedule for all that needs to be done during the day and coming week, month, semester, etc.; the child gaining practice in time and energy management in the process;
3. Setting obtainable rewards for positive actions;
4. Letting the consequences of negative actions be known to the child.

We are in transit
Individual voyagers
traveling with others in the boat of life
Self-motivated self-discipline
allows time for completing
that which we choose

65. Friends to Lovers; Commitment to Marriage


Friendship grows, deepens, expressing mentally, physically, emotionally.

Deepening levels of
Nearer every day to experiencing
Genuine Love


Comin' together one on one
Carin' and sharin'
enjoyin' the fun
Two lives alignin'
setting forth goals
Two hearts in harmony
no matter what goes
or comes a'knockin'
shakin' their ways
Together by choice
the rest of their days

66. Conscious Communion; Conscious Harmony

Communion: Awareness that if we were not preoccupied noticing other faces or bodies, we would be enjoying our inner, unseen to the physical eye, mutual state of bliss.

It is the perception of our physical eyes in seeing separate forms everywhere, that seems to override the perceptions of our bodily feelings telling us we are inter-linked with each other.

Looking around we see the variety of individual forms everywhere. When we close our eyes we perceive our presence amongst the same scene, even though we are not seeing with our physical eyes. Wherever we are we perceive our own presence and identity, regardless of open or closed eyes.

Beyond the perception of seeing with open eyes and perceiving with feelings is the awareness of harmony. In harmony we feel ourselves integrated, part of the scene of each changing moment.

In this state of completion we feel settled, comfortable, in communion with everything and everyone surrounding us.

One of the parts
part of the One
in conscious communion
conscious harmony

67. Children and Adults as Evolutionary Partners

Children show us that our boundary of caring needs to extend beyond ourselves.

Whether we birth or inherit them from other relationships, children stretch our edges of responsibility as we fulfill their needs.

It is through bearing the responsibility for children and childlike elderly parents that we experience our interconnection between the generations. What we were given growing up and have expanded upon so far, we pass on for the benefit of our children; each successive generation evolving in consciousness.

In the family setting we give for the welfare of our mate and children. Giving for a child's benefit is not give and take. We give, give, give, and do not receive in kind; a child does not have the capacity to give back evenly.

What we do receive through caring for children is a shredding of our self-centeredness, our cage; our concept that we are here on earth only to satisfy desires of our own mind.

We give to our children while they are growing up. What they give back to us is a permanent experience of ourselves as expansive beings, capable of feeling within the framework of others' lives.

Growth, through taking responsibility
a natural expression of living

68. Progression of Evolving Humanity

Instinct: Preservation and reproduction of the body.

Mind: Analysis; planning; arranging the situation to fulfill personal desires.

Emotion: Expression of feelings; first step beyond self-preoccupation.

Love: Giving, caring, sharing. Considering others' needs and acting for the highest good of the situation.

Selfrealization: Experiencing happiness as a quality of one's own being.

Universal Consciousness: Communion. Experiencing one's self within every atom vibrantly. At will, using the infinite resources to create that which uplifts, energizes, harmonizes.

It is our destiny to have simultaneous use of all steps in the progression. In universal consciousness we have full control over the use of our energy in daily living; flavoring well how we manifest with instinct, mind, emotion, love and selfrealization.

The fragrance of a blossoming rose
permeates the garden

69. Relationships as Mirrored Images

With everyone and everything we relate. Relating repeatedly forms a relationship.

In relationship, we react to each other's thoughts and actions, on the diverse and deep levels of our being.  We see the outer layers of visible activity and observe the inner motive stemming from past personal background and current desires for the future.  We face continuing variables in the projection of ourselves and others in a relationship.

By communicating with love, we communicate with and experience the unchanging soul of another; the depth of relationship untouched by variables.

Mirrored images
of unconditional love
bouncing back and forth between
experiencing warm energized
bodily feeling
brightening each other's day

70. The Safety-Grip of Conscience

A father holds his son's hand lightly, but securely, as they walk briskly along the beach. The child does not even have to watch his dad while they go along; the handhold between them providing security and guidance to travel safely around obstacles strewn over the beach.

In daily living, we are the child; our Creator-Sustainer the caring parent. Our handhold is our conscience, holding the Creator's hand of all-wise consciousness. As long as we hold tightly, by following the guidance of our conscience, we travel safely along the paths in life and grow into fuller consciousness of our Creator and fuller consciousness as humans.

Taking hold of life
by following the direction
of our conscience
leads to experience of
Universal Consciousness

71. Designing and Blueprinting a Relationship

The blueprint for building a relationship comes from the co-designers.

When a solid foundation of friendship is laid, the visible form of the relationship will have many room; serving the needs of each with common areas in time and place for sharing.

The blueprint for a relationship can look perfect on paper, but the adjustments needed in daily living call for ongoing revisions.

Communicating our needs and expectations must be conveyed during the designing phase of the relationship, before the first set of working drawing can be made.

Even though we are blueprinting a relationship, our highest personal goal of living the most conscious good we are aware of is the top priority for maintaining a loving relationship. All other projects and goals need to be supportive of our choice to live as our most conscious selves.

The blueprint for living
built upon by giving
The blueprint for a relationship
manifesting through lovingness
With space for alone time
alongside joint ventures
The rooms of our house
becoming the form called our home

72. Identifying with Spiritual Reality

Often we wonder how to identify with spiritual reality in everyday living.

Spiritual reality manifests when we feel and act on uplifting qualities. Some impulses that uplift are joyfulness, lovingness, goodness, kindness, gentleness, caring, giving. These qualities take us beyond self-centeredness, allowing us to interrelate with others and the rest of creation in positive ways.

In positive intermingling and reaching out beyond ourselves through our thoughts, words and actions, we tune into the prevalent harmony of the universe. The whole creation is formed from the interactions and harmonious functioning of each of the parts which overlap and form the ever-changing patterns of existence.

As we use care to overlap our energies with one another, weaving the fabric of our existence, we are acting as harmonious parts of the whole. We feel happy reaching beyond ourselves. By thinking of and acting in ways that reach beyond our self-centeredness, we are harmoniously authoring our destiny.

We came here via our parents, and as harmoniously compounded beings in a continually creative universe, we go on creating out of our environment at all times—mentally, emotionally, physically.

Identifying with spiritual reality
when living in

73. Interweaving Energies

Just as warp and woof threads are interwoven to form cloth, people weave their complementary energies through interchanges, forming harmonious bonds.

As with the separate threads of cloth, we have our own thinking mind, body, personality. When we come together and share from our natural attributes we can create a rich living tapestry that has no existence when the threads of separate lives are lying apart.

Lives interwoven
in lovingness, caring
Creating a masterpiece
of fulfillment from sharing

74. Religious Doctrines; Moral Precepts

Religious doctrines and moral precepts: external guidelines to be used till we develop the consciousness to follow our personal conscience.  They are our seeing-eye dog while we are blind to our permanent nature of unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and all.

As we grow in lovingness and acceptance, we begin to act naturally in ways that are respectful, helpful and giving. As we develop and become attuned to following our personal conscience, we have less need of the outer guidance systems.

Being able to act spontaneously for the highest good is the goal of religious doctrine and moral precepts.

Transferring obedience from outer guidelines to the voice of our conscience is a gradual process. The transfer is complete when we act for the highest good in each moment. Till then, we have the time-tested precepts to fall back on.

We claim our personal freedom
by choosing to follow our conscience
in all circumstances

75. Developing Devotion from the Emotion of Relationship

The emotion of relationship is raw material; in time becoming devotion—the condition of supportive care.

Emotion grown up

The transformation coming with the change in attitude from "what can I get from this relationship?" to "I want to share what I have with this person."

Caring arouses warmth in our body and contentment in our mind. In the overflow we feel a sense of interconnection with the creation.

By devoting our emotional energy to caring connections, we open ourselves to feeling our inner Source of sustaining contentment and joy.

Transforms emotion
Becomes devotion

76. The Shoreline of Living

On the shoreline
white-capped waves
rolling in
gracefully subsiding

As immortal souls we enter these bodies
filled with vibrant energy
growing in love
experiencing our harmonious place
in the creation

Then, sliding out
rejoining our Creator-Sustainer once again
matured, enriched
able to enjoy the fullness of our eternal home
we ventured from as babes

77. Visualize with Feeling

As we feel in our thoughts, we feel in the actions following them.

The fullest experience of body, mind and emotion results from incorporating love into our visualizations.

With a loving attitude we reap harmony. One seed of love sprouts producing many fruits. Every time we act lovingly we awaken or reinforce lovingness in ourselves, in others.

Every vision we imbue with lovingness manifests love in our own life and in everyone that touches our lives.  We feel most complete when we completely give ourselves up to living lovingly.

Loving feelings
in our visualizations
manifest lovingness
in our realizations

78. Self-knowledge

Self-knowledge: knowing and being able to draw from our inner Source.

Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy fulfilling life. When our actions are inline with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being—just as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible outer coverings.

By our actions we are known
With the insight of self-knowledge
we can create beautiful actions

Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace comes to mind. It is an open telephone line from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind.

The more we converse on the open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably.  After awhile, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense, the ultimate application of self-knowledge.

Some techniques to develop the connections with our Source are ethical living, caring actions, meditation and self-analysis.

brought out from within
imbues our daily actions
with truth and harmony

79. The Whole Body

Our bodies are the vehicles for our expression of thoughts, feelings and actions.

The physical-mental body is made up of the composition of flesh and personality; playing a self-composed symphony. Our notes are all our own choosing—forming harmony or discord—inspiring others or keeping them separate.

We are most useful when we are ripe in the knowledge we are more than flesh and personality. We experience our own depth of perception and expression by seeing and feeling deeply with other people and forms of nature, by incorporating our unseen transcendent qualities of care and love.

There is more to see
than we see with our eyes
Our wholeness is deep
Our depth is complete
when we meet and reflect with clear sight

80. Using Cause and Effect for Positive Results

Cause and effect is a scientific principle.

In everyday living our positive choices result in like outcomes.

We also get a positive result when choosing the best way out of a bad situation. When outer circumstances are bleak, we preserve our sense of inner harmony by following our conscience. Doing what is best now insures a better future.

Using this principle, we maintain our natural ease. It is our choice, by our will power, to follow the direction of our conscience. The more easeful we are feeling, from following our conscience, the more clearly the best solutions come through to our consciousness.

Positive results
from positive thoughts

81. Loving Wisdom

Lovingness, incorporated with wisdom, allows our natural harmony to flourish.

Harmony is prevalent in every atom of creation, seen in the cooperative interaction of atoms forming molecules, combining into the complex systems of the universe.

Our bodies are built by the harmonious interactions of each organ and system, cooperating for the good of the whole. Nature's way is built to keep us and the physical universe functioning harmoniously.

We make the choice to follow nature's lead, achieving harmony in our daily living, by acting lovingly, with care, for the highest good—the wisest good.

Our loving actions, when combined with wisdom, give us the feeling in our bodies and minds, felt by our sense of ease, that we are in tune with the situation of the moment.

lovingly applied
cooperates with the natural harmony

82. Some Ideas for Balancing Body-Mind Energy

Our minds and bodies are an interlocking unit, one affecting the other; we can alter a thought, mood, attitude, or level of physical energy by:
1. Exerting will power to substitute other attitudes;
2. Aerobic activity such as walking, swimming;
3. Meditation and deep relaxation.

Ups and downs
transformed into
awareness of happiness, harmony
by balancing mental with physical activity

83. Appropriately Expressing Instead of Repressing

Energy naturally expresses.

The universe is the sum of coordinated movement interrelating in visible form made up of invisible energy. Could energy ever be repressed permanently if it is constantly in seen or unseen form by its nature?

Repressed emotions build up heat (concentrated energy), and are felt as stress. Stress can be dissipated through brisk physical activities such as walking and swimming.

Emotional feelings can be expressed in various ways which bring up feelings of harmony, such as creative activities of poetry, art, song, dance, and caring lovingness with family, friends and community. And, loving feelings can be expressed esoterically by feeling appreciation for surrounding beauty and for the Creator of beauteous harmony. Service in the community gives us the feeling of being interconnected in the larger world family.

The key, when feeling the need to express is to do it—energetically and lovingly.

What's going through us
is for our use
Living lovingly
expresses fully, appropriately

84. Journeying

Taking a leisurely drive we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination.

During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds, without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future. We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present, by thinking the future will be better.

Life's a string of connected events
giving shape to our time
Integral links
in the whole experience of living

We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living up till now. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

Today's decisions shape tomorrow's outcomes.

Living each moment
from our highest consciousness
insures a continuously more fulfilling
experience of life

85. How It Is

Simple, Light, Bright
Free, Easy, Flowing
Clear and Expanding

86. Love and Science Are One

Love and science are one. One plus one equals two, whether on the addition chart or in a relationship.

Scientific law—harmony—pervades the entire universe. Predictable mechanisms—predictable responses, interwoven, interrelated as the workings of a fine watch.

As we interact harmoniously, we align with the basic precept of nature: cooperation. Through harmonious cooperation we become increasingly aware and conscious. As our consciousness develops we find we can harmoniously function with anyone and anywhere under all circumstances, just as mathematical scientific principles are present and function everywhere.

Vibrant bodily energy comes up for our use when we align within nature's laws. We become an asset to everyone as we manifest within the sound principles that keep our universe running rhythmically, harmoniously. When we are feeling this great energy enlivening us by our state of harmony, we most easily manifest accepting, unconditional love. Our energy radiates from us, warming everyone, just as predictably as the sun radiates and warms all it touches with its rays.

Radiating as the sun, we feel exquisitely good, as we are being sustained by our alignment within the harmonious mathematical workings of the universe.

Can one imagine the bliss and love possible, if alignment within the laws of creation are so enlivening, what alignment within the creation's Creator must be like?

Science is absolutely loving
instilling harmony, balance
into every action or our lives
Love is absolutely scientific
instilling harmony, balance
into every action of our lives

87. Personal Integrity in Daily Living

Personal integrity is living in accordance with our highest state of consciousness.

We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment, creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

Personal integrity takes courage.

We are being courageous in living according to our conscience when it would be easy to hide from others that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious, self-effulgent nature.

Through living with personal integrity, others notice we can be trusted, we become a trustworthy friend - an asset to our world family.

Personally integrate
highest consciousness
enjoying happiness
in harmonious living

88. Remembrance

Streaming bright
Loving light
Surround, penetrate, permeate
our night of self-ignorance
With remembrance of
the Self
that formed us of
gracefully enlightened

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Susan Helene Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Dance of Johns Hopkins University, and an international author of more than 50 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, meditation, yoga, social issues and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap, lives in The Netherlands.


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