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Meditation for All Kids

by Susan Kramer

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How to teach through description and illustration: sitting, walking, dance, relaxation, instant, music, running, swinging, biking and swimming meditations, plus a chapter of guided meditations on virtues, and a chapter of interfaith affirmations, inspirations and prayers. For tots to teens of all abilities. Useful resource for parents, educators and clergy. 102 pages in paperback. 10,600 words.


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102 pages; perfect bound; 8.5 by 11 inch paperback, plus ebooks
Lulu Enterprises Publishing
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-387-94876-5


Table of Contents

I. About Meditation for All Kids
Meditation and Spiritual Living
Meditation and Meditative Movement
Benefits of Meditation
How to Teach Kids Meditation
How to Teach Sitting Meditation
How to Teach Walking Meditation
How to Teach Relaxation Meditation
How to Teach Music Meditation
Basic Meditations for Kids

Sitting Meditation
Walking Meditation
Relaxation Meditation
Instant Meditation
Running Meditation
Swinging Meditation
Biking Meditation
Swimming Meditation
IV. Guided Meditations on Virtues
Guided Meditation on Friendliness
Guided Meditation on Being Compassionate
Guided Meditation on Being Honest
Guided Meditation about Being Kind
Guided Meditation about Sharing
V. Group Circle Meditation
Part I. Opening Verse
Part II. Short Meditation
Part III. Song
VI. Dance Meditation
Part I. Stretching
Part II.
Dancing and Elements of Movement
Part III.
Quiet Time Meditation
Affirmations, Inspirations, Prayers
Special and Holiday Prayers


About the author Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Preparatory Dance of Johns Hopkins University, and has been teaching yoga, meditation, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965. She maintains a large educational web site at


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Ebooks: PDF | EPUB | APPLE | NOOK | Kindle | Kobo


Meditation for All Kids by Susan Kramer