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Aftermath of September 11, 2001

Commentary by Susan Kramer

Dance Sculptures in Paris
September 11, 2001 was a turning point in our inner and outer lives; opening a doorway for us to walk through while carrying our great inner light as a torch of healing for all humanity.

I see this sculpture by A. A. Dumonte 1833, Le Louvre, Paris, France, as a reminder:
The star as a symbol of divine wisdom
The flaming torch our ever-burning heart of caring love
Wings as the energy of God that lifts us into consciousness of the intertwining of divine love and wisdom within that we can use in daily life by our attitude and desire to act for the highest resolve at all times.

The doorway we have just come through, this turning point in reality, is an impetus to step up our efforts of prayer and caring love, to really put practical spirituality to work in our daily lives.

With the advent of the internet we have been able to communicate with many who feel that coming into the experience of caring and prayerful love is what heals the heart of man, the heart of humankind as the larger body of each.

Let us join hands along the internet lines, while holding all now present on earth, and those who have come and gone, in our healing thoughts of warmth and love.

And, with those with whom we interact daily, may we give the best of ourselves, our caring selves(Selves).

Personal Peace Attained—

Planetary Peace More Easily Gained


Prayer for a New Peace

Holding hands in love and unity
Guided by the Great Light within
May we consciously walk forward in caring and sharing
Our thoughts and actions blessing the worl

commentary and prayer © 2001-2011 Susan Kramer
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sculpture by A. A. Dumonte 1833, Le Louvre, Paris, France
Photography by Susan Kramer September 6, 2001 taken on a visit to Le Louvre, Paris, France.