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View north from Meditation Mount, Ojai, California USA. Photo credit Susan Kramer.
Message for 2003; an open invitation by Susan Kramer
We are living at a time when world events seem to be caught up
in a big ball rolling downhill.

In the midst of outer turmoil,
let's reflect upon the law of cause and effect:
What we think and do causes a reaction in-kind,
and that causes another reaction in-kind, and so on.

We have the power of caring love ever within us to make changes
in this cause and effect world:
Caring love—love in action—sets the ball rolling along
on the level surface of harmonious living.

One way we can combine our efforts in caring love for our world-wide home
is by thinking kind and loving thoughts in unison.

A plan already in action in The Netherlands
is that people are meditating upon thoughts of world peace
each day beginning at 8pm local time,
for one half hour, from wherever they are at that time.

I invite everyone around the globe to participate to some degree
in this group effort.

Let's show our caring for each other and our planet
by joining for a few moments or minutes during this specific half hour
to set the actions of our world family
on the course of harmonious living.

Many blessings,
December 27, 2002
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

To find your local time in relation to 8p.m. Western Europe, 
here is a link to the world clock:
Some examples of times that coincide:
7p.m. Great Britain
2p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.
1p.m. Central time, U.S.A.
12p.m. Mountain time, U.S.A.

11a.m. Pacific time, U.S.A.


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active in love, by actions of love; quote by Susan Kramer

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