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My Mind Is Not Enclosed in My Physical Body

by Susan Helene Kramer


Each morning I sit in the upstairs library facing east, looking out the picture window. This morning I began focusing on a tree about thirty feet in front of me. I reflected that the tree is surrounded by invisible air. This awakened the thought that my physical body is like a tree, but surrounded by the "air" of my invisible mind. The tree and I both breathe unseen air.


Compared to all the air in the atmosphere both the tree and a human are small and compact. And when the tree dies the air remains. And when the human body dies I think the mind remains untouched.


I feel that my mind is like air that surrounds my body. It is not confined to the physical boundaries of my body.


Lately I've noticed that I feel joy when I think of loved ones living in different locations on the planet, and also those who've come before me physically and passed out of physical form. My mind is not barred from feeling love, no matter that their physical dimension is gone. And the thought gives me comfort.


My mind is not contained within a physical boundary. When I feel loving I can imagine myself anywhere with anyone.


My mind breathes its air of life into my physical body, so that it can do what my mind wants.


Could it be that my mind is not enclosed in this body that constantly changes and is terminal? Could it be that my mind goes on and on, whether associated with a physical body or not?


My limitless mind energizes my physical form the most when I think with unconditional love.


Loving thoughts

From mind unlimited

Ever aware, ever here, ever there.




My Mind Is Not Enclosed in My Physical Body copyright 2018-2019 Susan Helene Kramer; photo of sea buckthorn by


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