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Message for 2002

Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness
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As we birth into the year 2002 may we bring forth a heightened consciousness of caring and sharing.

The events of 9/11 were an awakening to the fact that we each can make a difference by caring and sharing what we have with those who have lost loved-ones or just have so much less than ourselves. 

The western worldthe richest portion of the worldis having the opportunity to give to one of the poorest nations of the world.

The outpouring of gifts of time and money from adults and even children is truly a blessing for both giver and receiver; it is in the very act of giving that we feel joy and satisfaction, and of course the receiver of our kindness benefits.

Being in the circle of love is felt as a physical radiance, physical energization in our own bodies. When we give we can be said to really live as we heat up and have even more energy when going through the actions of giving. 

To give is to live
to live in the glow of warmth 
as our bodies feel more alive
and our minds feel both joyful and peaceful

Inner peace leads to planetary peace. Each individual is part of the whole humanity and as more and more of us choose peaceful, kind actions, our body of humanity becomes saturated in peace and kindness. 

Becoming personally peaceful means following one's conscience under all conditionslistening to one's inner voice that always lets us know right from wrong action by the degree of ease we feel in our bodies and calmness in mind. If we feel agitated and restless we need to choose another course of action till we do feel peace and relaxation with our decisions and actions. 

Choosing for the resolve that promotes ease and peace is a process of practice over and over till we are able to automatically choose the best resolve in the moment. 

By cleaning up our act we more easily act for the best on a moment's notice. Some ways to help in this are:
1. Quiet time for reflection; meditationmeditation practice is at the URL
2. Reading uplifting material; dwelling on uplifting thoughts; acting for the good of all concerned;
3. Keeping ourselves clean in body and mind; keeping our personal space clean and uncluttered is an aid to keeping up thinking for the good of the situation, for the good of the whole;
4. Living a lifestyle that promotes good health; balancing work and play;
5. Thinking and acting charitably.

In this new year may we each be promoters of peace, first personally, and then and by our numbers becoming part of a world of peace; the manifestation of planetary peace.

Blessings to all, 
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