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Listening to the Overtones of Om

Experience by Susan Kramer


Today is my 74th birthday and the 44th anniversary of my initiation into the Holy Spirit – also known as the Holy Om Vibration. In a lucid dream early this morning I had a further revelation on being in communion with the Holy Spirit.


Here’s what happened in the dream:


I was chanting and had come to the end where I usually chant Om three times. As I was finishing the 3rd Om I extended the “m” part of the Om on and on and on; much further than if I had been chanting it in a waking state; I seemed to have an unlimited supply of breath to achieve this, and that ability was the supernatural gift I received today. I am grateful for this experience.


As I was immersed in the syllable I listened to the overtone of Om that is beyond speech. It is a comforting uplifting experience seemingly emanating from under the skull, not heard by the physical ears.


Usually, I stay in contact with the Om overtone as much as I remember to during the day. But the experience in the lucid dream was one more example that we have extended dimensions of being which we can enjoy by tuning in to our spiritual nature. When seeking wise advice for a situation, we can align with the Holy Spirit by tuning in to the overtones of the Om vibration.


Dear Lord of all,

Thank you for the ongoing blessings of the Holy Spirit.



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