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Meditation Guides Us in Practical Ways


Susan Helene Kramer


When we are sincere in our request for help in a practical matter, God comes to us in meditation: a thought arises in our mind on how to move in the right direction, even if it is not what we expected.


After my marriage dissolved I was at a loss as to how to support myself. I had been teaching dance a few hours a week, but that was not enough to support my family. In desperation I sat in a meditation and asked God for guidance on how support myself and family. In the silence of listening following my plea, the thought came to me to get certified on business office machines. (This was before word processing and computers.)


I found just the adult education courses I needed in a walk in lab at the nearby community college. After I saw my children off to school in the mornings, I went to the lab and spent a year getting my typing speed up to 55 words per minute and certified on the algebraic adding machine. Then one day the lab was installed with computers, and I spent another year learning and getting certified in Word Star, MS Word, and Word Perfect.


The director of the program and I had gotten to know each other and I had given her a copy of my early book of spiritual writings, Relating from Light and Love, rewritten as God Speaks Through the Holy Spirit. On the day of my final computer exam she told me about a posting for a well-paying office job at the local university and thought I was qualified. I went to a local department store and bought a power suit, then with my briefcase of certifications in office machines and computer programs went to the employment office. After an interview I got the job on a 3 month probationary basis.


I stayed employed at the university until I was able to take early retirement, then moved to Amsterdam and remarried.


I'm sharing this personal story to show you a benefit of meditating deeply and laying your problems at God's feet. Then, listening and following through on the directions given.

Love to all, Susan.

Meditation Guides Us in Practical Ways and photo of author copyright 2015-2018 Susan Helene Kramer




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