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Practicing Meditation for Problem Solving

Experience by Susan Kramer

I find meditation a rejuvenating "sleep." I end with more energy than I began.


By looking at the inner light the outer light looks brighter, in the sense that the light I wake up to holds a solution to what's going on.


I'm not a person with clinical depression but I do get exhausted from mentally trying to solve too many situations at the same time.


Meditation gives me a room in my mind to go where I can think over one thing at a time and decide on the best course for me.


Next situation - another session of meditation.


If my mental state is overwhelmed a couple of meditations a day help me sort out what's going on.


Meditation need not be just sitting, it can be walking, swimming, jogging, or any rhythmic activity when you are by yourself. Try some of these ideas when you’re overwhelmed.


Meditation can be a big help to get us more smoothly through life. ❤ 



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Practicing Meditation for Problem Solving  © 2020 Susan Kramer; photo by Stan Schaap of Le Louvre, Paris France


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About the Author: A meditation and yoga practitioner and international author since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site –



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