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Rainbow Globe of Light

Susan Helene Kramer

nonfiction story

When first sitting in the meditation alcove in my house at Yogaville, August 1985, I was amazed to see a rainbow globe of light appear around the flame as I lit the altar candle.


Our house was built during the winter and spring of 1985 in preparation for our occupancy the summer the 1985. My family moved to Yogaville, 50 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia, to help build the LOTUS, Light of Truth Universal Shrine.


In a house blessing ceremony with the builders and monks present, Sri Swami Satchidananda laid a Shiva Linga at the north-east corner of the footings before the concrete was poured. And it was above this location in the house that we built our personal meditation altar.


(The photo I've included with this story is of the moon with a rainbow halo, to illustrate what our altar candle looked like when lit and viewed from any angle. This photo, taken by Stan Schaap on February 4, 2015, is of the full moon 30 years after the house blessing. The white dot to the left of the moon is the planet Jupiter.)


Whenever the candle on our altar was lit, the halo appeared surrounding the flame as a rainbow globe.


The three-dimensional halo of rainbow light appeared while looking at it from any angle. I have never seen such a phenomena before or since.


I took this as a beautiful manifestation of the inner meaning of the LOTUS, one light illuminating all, everywhere.


The rainbow of light showed me that we are surrounded by variety in life, while the source, the energy of all is ever emanating without limitation from the very central point (flame) of our soul living with our dear Creator, Sustainer.


Story by Susan Helene Kramer

Rainbow Globe of Ligh
t Copyright 2015-2017 Susan Helene Kramer | Photo credit Stan Schaap 

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