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Miracle Flower Rejuvenation


Susan Helene Kramer




The setting was the annual New Year's Retreat presented by the Integral Yoga Institute at La Casa de Maria in Montecito, California in 1979. I was taking the silent retreat for a few days. Sri Swami Satchidananda was visiting the retreat site to offer satsangs in the evening for the participants and community members.


During the retreat a special luncheon was planned in honor of Sri Swami Satchidananda. As I was taking the silent retreat, it was not till the last moment of preparation that I was searched out and asked to fill a need helping with the final preparations.


While the luncheon was concluding I stood in the background, across the table from Sri Satchidananda as the guests left the room, with the master being the last of the guests to leave.


Each person carried out a bloom on a long stem, and as Sri Gurudev left the room he turned to me and said "and the last shall be first" and the wilted stem of the bloom he was holding unbent and straightened up like a fresh-cut flower.


It was incidents such as this that increased my understanding that developing spiritually was the way to most fully reap joy. That joy was meant to be part of our human experience, and that we had a hand in bringing it into existence by being receptive to and living for the greater good of each situation.


In this instance, I willingly left my silent practices to help out where needed, and I then learned the lesson that when we are helpful we are rewarded by the experience of warmth, harmony, and joy in our body, mind, emotions.



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Miracle Flower Rejuvenation and photo 2015 Susan Helene Kramer; (Montecito Peak), above Montecito, California, looking north.



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