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Using a Rosary or Mala Beads

By Susan Kramer


Using a rosary or mala beads to say prayers mentally or verbally keeps one centered on the task at hand.


And what is the task? It is to feel contact or communion with our Higher Power.


Saying a rosary involves mentally or verbally using sets of several different prayers. Using a mala or prayer beads uses one prayer or mantra.


Use what is comfortable to you or is part of your religious tradition, keeping in mind the goal is communion with God, feeling personal contact with our Creator and Sustainer.


I grew up in the Catholic faith and said a rosary every day. The variety of prayers felt good to me. As an adult I have used both a rosary and mala at times. Both help me stay on track while saying prayers or mantras.


Concentrate on the sound of your prayers to stay centered and avoid mindless repetition and getting distracted. When you begin to hear the subtle uplifting vibration, seemingly like a flowing brook under the crown of the head, listen to those tunes instead of thinking or saying prayers.


These subtle vibrations clear and cleanse the mind, much like sound vibrations can pulverize physical objects. A cleared and cleaned thought process most easily reveals the solution to our problems and requests.


In summary, use a rosary or mala to settle down into closer communion with your Source. When you become aware of the inner vibration, listen to it then, and at any other time its presence comes to you.


We are not alone.

Our Inner Resource, our Source

Is ever with us.



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Using a Rosary or Mala Beads copyright 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of author by Stan Schaap


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