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Senior Intimacy
from a Spiritual Point of View

Senior Issues Series
1. Aging or Ageless
2. The Continuance of Existence
3. Coping with Major Illness
4. Processing Loss
5. Senior Intimacy from a Spiritual Point of View
6. Tantra
7. Meditation and Yoga Midlife and Beyond

by Susan Helene Kramer

Meditation Mount, Ojai, California

Just because you're a senior doesn't mean you can't enjoy loving intimacy with your partner.

I believe the main reason for expressing sexuality is development of deep love, the kind of love that is a sharing and caring: spiritual in nature.

In younger years, close encounters may come up and go down without deep emotional bonding. But as time goes on and we learn to appreciate one another, we learn that expressing love with an attitude of caring brings us into closer attunement with each other, while also aligning with our deeper nature.

Senior sex is a time to spend in relaxed intimate cuddling and unrushed kissing without planning for a grand finale. Cuddling lends itself to the emotional closeness we may have been seeking in earlier years, but didn't find because of the rush for that blaze of glory.

Taking time for closeness with your partner is an opportunity to relax into other dimensions beyond physical. It is a chance to express your deepest loving thoughts and emotions safely. It is a time to set aside daily problems and worldly issues and refocus on life as a couple.

When we begin our journey as mates there is much we learn by trial and error, and only after time do we get to the stage of comfort where we begin spiritual couple-growth.

The senior years afford more free time than ever, and with the comfort of an emotionally caring relationship we are more likely to experience our deeper spiritual nature in the forms of kindness, caring, nurturing, the circle of giving and receiving. And with a growing sense of connection at home it is easier to contemplate our connection with our larger worldwide family.

Taking time for closeness and expression of warmth and tenderness in all our actions allows spirituality to blossom in our senior years. When we develop a deeper, kinder love with our partner, we are likely to share more kindly with others in daily interactions.

Living lovingly
The river of spirituality
Breaches its banks.

Article and photo of Meditation Mount, Ojai, California
by Susan Helene Kramer

© 2009-2011 Susan Helene Kramer. All rights reserved. This article may not be reprinted in part or whole without express written permission from Susan Helene Kramer

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Susan Kramer writes on social issues from a spiritual point of view and many other topics for kids and adults. She lives with her husband, Stan Schaap, in The Netherlands.
Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer
Photo: Stan and Susan July 2007
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