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Special Relationships

by Susan Helene Kramer


Recently I've been asked about special relationships, and if we should have special people in our lives if we're dedicated to growing in universal love:


Our special relationships are first of all family members those who depend on our nurturing. Yes, we should have caring love for everyone, but we don't have time to personally interact with all. So, taking care of those in our closest circle extends to those in their closest circle, and ever outward in our universal home.


By taking very good care of our family members at their various ages and needs we give them a firm base, a place to rest and nest.


If we have a very small family we can expand our dedication to others who need care. And depending on their stage of life we should be supportive to the best of our abilities in providing daily needs. In this way we become more caring.


Not everyone chooses to marry and have their own special relationships to care for, such as monks, priests, nuns. Instead, their growth and caring is centered on a larger group.


The important part to remember is that no one person has the ability or responsibility to make us divinely happy or feel replete. That unconditionally loving feeling we may seek from another comes when we give ourselves in caring ways fulfillment flows up from within our spirit to embrace our waking state.


In summary, looking outward we can see that our world would thrive better if we'd each give our best care and concern.


When everyone lives

In the circle of care

We'll each live as a flame of the Divine


Giving love, feeling love.




Special Relationships copyright 2018 Susan Helene Kramer; photo of my relatives from my family archives circa 1940.


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