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National Geographic Television Series on God - Commentary


Susan Helene Kramer

National Geographic recently presented a television series called "The Story of God" told by Morgan Freeman. What struck me was the role meditation played in so many of the world religions. And the majority demonstrated meditation that was based on breathing.


I was pleased to see meditation play a spiritual role in the series in finding and seeing God within. Most of the recommendations from the spiritual leaders from different religions advised to watch the breath as it flowed in and out in its natural and rhythmic pattern.


For practice


Here is a simple and effective way I've developed to watch your breath when you sit for meditation: Find a comfortable seated position either on a mat on the floor, or a chair where your back will be supported in an upright manner. Close your eyes and fold your hands in your lap or place them facing up or down on your thighs. Seated on the floor fold your legs in, or if on a chair plant the soles of your feet on the floor to maintain balance. (If you will not fall asleep and need to, a reclining chair can be used.)


Breathe in for a count and breathe out for a count; keep up this rhythmic pattern throughout the meditation without actually saying the counts. While following the regular breathing, think about what uplifts and inspires you.


For example, it could be a beautiful scene in nature, or a mantra from a religion, or thoughts of God or Divinity. Try to maintain your meditation for 10 minutes or more; work up to this amount of time if you are just beginning to meditate.


At the end of your meditation practice, open your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply. Take a few moments to feel the peace of mind that meditation brings. Then go forward in your life with elevated thoughts and in this way, gradually raise your spiritual vibration.

National Geographic Television Series on God - Commentary copyright 2016 Susan Helene Kramer.


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