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Our Temporary Physical Body

Commentary by Susan Kramer


No one can deny that at one time our physical body was invisible to the naked eye, microscopic. And even after it grows and becomes visible, it will disappear in death.


While we use our body it is pliant and flexible; when abandoned in death it becomes hard and brittle, wooden.


What does not change is the mind that accompanies and guides our physical form.


We spend a lifetime using our body as we wish. While using a physical body we live in a physical world and have physical limits. What is unlimited are thoughts.


In thought or mind we can do anything and be anywhere. If we practice enough we can use our mind to train our physical body to achieve beautiful goals in art, music, science, athletics, and other ventures to benefit humanity. And further, over time we can choose to know our Source or God, asking ourselves where our mind originated.


We know our physical body originated when a sperm from a man and egg from a woman united, but did our mind come from our biological parents?


The mind is not seen in the physical world but we know its presence by observing that it directs the physical world in an intelligent way.


Rather than our mind being limited to one physical body it permeates all in its non-physical, non-visible form.


As the intelligence of the conductor leads and coordinates an orchestra, so too our mind is instrumental and a part of the Great Mind.


While we are using a physical body we have a chance to observe the Greater Mind at work through all it inspires us to create.


When you use your physical body to act on the prodding of the Greater Mind, you are happiest right now, moment to moment to moment.


The Greater Mind is happiness.

The more we use our mind in harmony with this awareness

The more we expand into the unlimited Greater Mind.





The Temporary Physical Body 2019-2020 Susan Kramer; digital drawing by Susan Kramer


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About the Author: A meditation and yoga practitioner and international author since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site