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Receiving a Touch of Grace

Experience by Susan Kramer

No one was more surprised than me to receive a touch of grace coming through someone in my own generation – just after my thirtieth birthday.


I was giving my friend a ride home from an evening spiritual service, and before going, we stood outside my car for a minute enjoying the mild evening air.


Then, before entering the car, my friend extended a blessing to me by momentarily holding a hand just above my head.


I was completely filled with joyful energy so strong that it has stayed with me ever since, re-vitalizing me anytime I remember the experience.


I have used this flowing and uplifting grace as the energy to write many articles on practical spiritual living. After all, I was the mother of five children, and family life was how I lived and practiced virtues in living.


Now, forty years later, I ponder if I had somehow prepared myself to receive loving grace-filled energy. And even though it came spontaneously, till that time I was devoted to loving God and doing good for others.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, nightly I quietly took my beads from under my pillow and said a rosary for the soul in purgatory who needed it most. It was my own idea and I felt good doing that even at eight years old.


From today onward if you want joy-filled communion beyond this ordinary world give of your time and energy to uplift others; it uplifts you along with them.


May the energy of love hold and raise you with its embrace

In this ever-flowing river of life. 


Note: This article was written on the 38th anniversary of my experience of grace, which was September 8, 1982.





Receiving a Touch of Grace  © 2020 Susan Kramer; photo by Susan Kramer – Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France 2001


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