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Tree Limbs Crash in Front of Me - True Story

Susan Helene Kramer

A near escape. A couple of tree limbs broke free and fell from this tree as I was walking toward it down the street. If I had

been strolling a little faster something would have hit me.




Is this the outcome of a fear? I've always been afraid to walk on the sidewalk during wind and rain storms, but it was dry. On closer inspection of the 2nd photo, taken from the street looking up, it appears that the tree was dry rot at the point the section of limbs broke away.



I wonder if there is any way to avoid an accident, especially if a premonition seems to have almost been fulfilled?


Upon reflection I feel I must take care of myself the best I can each day, so that what comes is Divine Will overriding my fears. That way I can better accept being knocked out by a falling limb, or whatever, in the future.


Tree Limbs Crash in Front of Me and photos copyright 2016 Susan Helene Kramer


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