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Personal Truth Versus Universal Truth

by Susan Helene Kramer


A very conscious person might get close to the concept of Universal Truth. But, in the meantime we walk up a rocky mountain road, stumbling, getting up, moving forward until the ground is smooth, and the view clear and limitless in all directions.


Each of us lives our personal truth until we reach that mountain summit and see the clarity that floats over every circumstance in life. While we're still down in the valley making our way up the mountain of life events, there may be clouds obstructing our view, that keep us from seeing the Universal Truth ahead of us at the summit.


Universal Truth is always present in our Highest Self. It is not outside our self. When we listen to our voice of conscience, the Holy Spirit sound within, we clear away the obstacles, the stumbling blocks hiding the full clear view of the mountain top within each of us the highest peak of our being, the place of our highest consciousness that produces our actions serving the highest good of the moment.


Meditation is a way to clear the debris from our mind that is hiding the Universal Truth. Spending quiet time listening to the inner sound, the voice of the Infinite Spirit pervading everything, leads us on the straightest path to our experience of Light, Love, Truth without boundaries, including all in its warmth, excluding none.


Straight to the summit

Of experience

When clarity's perceived

Inside and out.


Article copyright 2017 Susan Helene Kramer; photo credit of Mt. Shasta, California by Stan Schaap


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A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site