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Washed Over by a Wall of Water


Susan Helene Kramer

nonfiction story

Description: Description: Maryland mountains



Whoosh! Suddenly our car was washed over by a giant wave, a wall of water.

Since I am here writing this I lived to tell the tale: Just after 5pm I began driving my husband and myself from Washington, D.C. to York, Pennsylvania for the night. It was raining lightly in the afternoon and by the time we made it around the Baltimore beltway heading north, the clouds had darkened the sky and the windshield wipers were swishing back and forth full force.

Now I have never enjoyed driving in the rain and was concentrating on staying on the road as we made it across the Maryland Pennsylvania border. With dark descending and rain pouring, the dips and rises in the road were making my stomach drop, this was my only indication we had entered mountain foothills.

Though not yet in York, toward 8pm I expressed to my husband that with the rain so heavy and being completely dark, for our safety we should look for an off-ramp with an indication of motels.

But, alas, we saw none and after going down a dip a truck drove by and we were washed over by a wave a wall of water coming up the driver's side, skidding up the front window and over the hood. All I could see was water as if we were submerged in a pool.

I kept driving, foot almost to the floor, feeling like I was watching a disaster movie unfolding in front of me, right on top of me. I was so thankful the car kept going forward. I held the steering wheel steady while we rose from the dip in the road and its pool of accumulating water.

Not too far along high in the sky to the right was an illuminated sign for a motel with the off ramp just before it. I veered to the right, drove up the ramp, reaching the top and safety. There was even a popular fast-food restaurant in sight along this ridge.

Relief and thankfulness. It was not our day to leave the world.

What I learned from this experience is that we are in the hands of a force larger than ourselves that will guide us through potential life-threatening events, if we still have work to complete on earth.

When we are willing to seek and travel a levelheaded road in our actions by following our conscience, and not dip into unconscious behavior, our Creator Sustainer arranges circumstances to lend a hand of support as needed.

Since this happening in September, 2010, I have redoubled my efforts to be kind to others. This has created a positive space in my life that is drawing goodness to me and flowing on through my actions.


For those who have made it through this story, your reward is a view of this skyline we were treated to the next day:

Description: Description: skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; photo copyright Stan Schaap; may not be copied without permission

Skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; photo credit Stan Schaap. Photo may not be copied without permission.

Washed Over by a Wall of Water
Copyright 2011 Susan Helene Kramer  |  top photo credit Stan Schaap; mountains in Maryland

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