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Blessed Mother's Message
at Woodland Altar


Experience by Susan Helene Kramer

In July 1985 my family and I moved to the Satchidananda Ashram, Buckingham, Virginia to help build the LOTUS, Light of Truth Universal Shrine, to be dedicated July 20, 1986. In preparation for our move I designed a small brick house and had it built along the road leading to the children's school buildings. It sat on an acre of land mostly forested in oak and pine with a short winding driveway of crushed slate leading up to the house.

On October 13, 1985 I constructed a stone altar and placed a statue of the Blessed Mother formed of concrete in the center of the altar. The placement of the altar was about 20 feet to the far side of the driveway amongst the trees.

I raked the area free of freshly fallen leaves from the front of the altar to have a place to set a board on to sit in meditation. After cementing the base of the 2 foot tall statue in place I placed 2 pots of blooming white chrysanthemums nestled into the rocks at the 2 ends of the altar.

The day had been quite mild, about 60 degrees and about 2pm I sat wearing a light sweater in front of the newly finished altar to meditate. In my vision I saw that I was in a blue sky and I enjoyed this experience till coming back to normal consciousness about 4pm.

At that time a new weather front was moving in, and the outdoor temperature had dropped to 40 degrees, but I did not feel cold, in fact my body was comfortably warm.

Being late afternoon, I left the woodland altar and went into the house to cook dinner.

Over the coming weeks the weather began to become winter-like in earnest with leaves falling and covering the newly laid altar.

Fast-forward to the Spring thaw in March, 1986 and walking down the road with my rake I went over to the altar in the woods and began clearing a path leading up to it. When I brushed away the leaves over the chrysanthemums I found the white blooms still as fresh as the day I had set the pots there the previous Fall in October, 5 months and a winter of snows earlier.

It was an unbelievable sight to see the flowers still blooming and I don't see how that could have been possible but it was.

When we think about the word 'mother' our heart swells in warmth and caring. I think the flowers at my woodland altar were cared for over winter by the radiant warmth of the Blessed Mother.

I think the Blessed Mother's message is:

We are nurtured and nurture others with the radiant warmth of caring love.

Blessed Mother's Message at Woodland Altar Article and Photo
Copyright 2011-2020 Susan Helene Kramer 

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